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I caught an episode of ROH the other day and nothing really stood out for me personally. Kevin Steen still plays the overall best heel I have seen lately which isn’t many but still. The guy is like a modern day Stone Cold Steve Austin with a twist.

The name Kevin Steen brings me to the guy who dropped the belt to him. Davey Richards. The guy is in the group of wrestlers I like to call Japanabee’s. These are guys who are so influenced by the Japanese style of pro wrestling that they probably should just get their permanent working visas and stay there. I never was a fan of Richards and that silly Napoleon walk he would do to the ring. In the ring he was pretty good.

I caught video of a match that one of his running buddies did where he taught “Respect” to a kid who really didn’t belong in the ring in the first place. What an absolute prick. Makes me want to grab my boots and try and get booked on a show with that guy so I can show him what stretching someone REALLY feels like.

I also caught some of what Richards said on a “shoot interview” where he said something like Steen isn’t an athlete. He forgets in his wisdom and experience to be a good worker you don’t have to be an athlete. You just have to know how to tell a story and have enough gas in the tank to pull it off. Steen is FAR AND BEYOND the better worker that Richards will ever be. People actually pay money to watch him wrestle. Hell if ROH came close enough to me, I’d actually buy a ticket to go watch the show.

It was funny that Richards and his Team Bandits were “insulted” that no one knew who they were in bumble-squirt, Iowa. Why should anyone outside of the Northeast and MAYBE a few other areas know who they hell any of you were?! Respect? It’s earned and not expected. In the realm of indy wrestling yes, you guys have done SOMETHING. Enough to dictate changes and terms? Not event close.

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Hogan + Bischoff + Steiner = WORK!!!!

I sure hope this is all just a work because anyone intentionally pissing off Scott Steiner is just asking for problems.

If it ISN’T a work…

Personally I find it hilarious that Hogan talks about suing Steiner for his lies. Put Hogan on the stand and ask about some of the monumental whoppers he’s told in the media over the years. See if he changed his tune or outright commits perjury. Hogan is KNOWN for stretching the truth and then some.

Eric Bischoff making cracks about Steiners age is another WTF thing to read. This comes from a guy who literally ran a company into the ground hiring one over the hill bum after another with GIANT contracts and creative control clauses. He can deny and shift blame all he wants but he knows it’s true. Rumor has it he has privately ADMITTED his fuck ups on hires.

If Eric is helping his son get his feet established in wrestling I hope he takes note how far Erik Watts went. Not too far

I still hope this is all a work. I can’t imagine what the payoff is since Hogan can’t work matches anymore. Garrett Bischoff going over Big Poppa Pump? I can’t believe Scott would put him over in any fashion. If it isn’t a work than I truly hope Hogan has some serious help with him should he ever be anywhere Scotty is. I don’t know Scott very well. Only met him a handful of times at Coffees Gym in Atlanta. Even then he is number one on my list of people never to have made at me. A list I know many in the business had and Scott always placed VERY high.

Does this whole deal make me want to watch TNA? I have better things to do – like slam my hand in a door.

You get the point

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THIS is #Raw part 7 – YouTube

Damn! Young man can cut a promo. Wish I knew if he could work. Promo skills are far more important these days. Crap work can always be hidden and covered for. C’mon John! Give the kid a shot?

THIS is #Raw part 7 – YouTube.

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New found respect for Shane Douglas

With Shane’s video acknowledging the problems with the Extreme Reunion event, I think I have a new found respect for the guy.

Hopefully going forward with his promotion he’ll drop the guys who obviously can’t go anymore. I didn’t see the event but read enough of the reviews. Sabu, and Justin Credible obviously should never see the ring at one of his shows again unless they buy tickets.

Hopefully the lessons learned will continue to be applied and ANOTHER good alternative will be brought into the business.

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My name on the internet

Back in the 90’s when I was still very much active I had a friend of mine try to “create buzz” to get me bookings. I knew he was spreading some nonsense but damn I had no idea to what extent. Looking back it kinda pisses me off that he spread so much shit in my name. Explains why some people didn’t much care for me. While I appreciate his idea I just wish I would have kept a better eye on it

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